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this place [of mine]

With the role of the high street changing so rapidly, there is a worry about what will the future look like? What will the high street of the next generation look and feel like? What should the priorities be for a public space that has been dominated by commercial means for so long? These are the questions that the team at Future Everything posed the young producers of Greater Manchester to create this place [of mine].

The online hub is a virtual playground of art and ideas, where participants can unlock digital artworks, and unearth local stories, collecting fragments and answering multiple choice questions about their own future visions. This place [of mine] is a space for young audiences to explore and experience the artwork and ideas of the Young Producers and contribute to a collective youth vision for the future of our high streets. As this place [of mine] evolves, the immersive world will also feature new work by artist Tine Bech.


Motion, Design, Web, Interactive

The Fable Tree

Studio Treble have worked with Heston Blumenthal's award-winning The Fat Duck restaurant to deliver an interactive experience to promote their first-ever Christmas menu - The Fable Tree.

We were asked to explore ways of gathering guests’ Christmas memories to personalise their dining experience. With Christmas being fuelled by nostalgia, Heston and the team at The Fat Duck ask the fundamental question, 'What would Christmas be without a tree?' From here guests pick out their fondest memories to grow the Fable Tree sapling, with these answers forming the basis of their experience once sat down in The Fat Duck.


Motion, Design, Web

Dinner By Heston Blumenthal

Chef Heston Blumenthal approached us for a website refresh. Along with Chef Director, Ashley Palmer-Watts, he was looking for a suite of sites that would convey his trademark personality to a global audience without sacrificing booking functionality.

We began by defining the brand personality, using it as a foundation to create a series of web platforms reflecting each restaurant's individual flavour, while also preserving the clear user journey to the reservation areas. The result was a fully-functional set of websites full of character, all neatly unified under the 'Dinner By Heston Blumenthal' master brand.


Design, Web

AHEAD Awards

The AHEAD Awards celebrate the best in experience and design in the regional hospitality sector, and they were looking for a new brand to take them global.

Our brief was to create an umbrella brand that would set the global awards apart, but also still work with the regional variants underneath. We created a bespoke online platform to let people participate in an online public vote, designed animations for the awards reveal and even helped set up an online platform hosting a livestream of a synchronous event in New York and London.


Motion, Design, Web

Reach Labs

Tech entrepreneurs Reach Labs had raised the investment to develop, market and sell their wireless power technology, but they were having a difficult time explaining the complex nature of their business.

Working closely with their California-based team, we crafted a series of easy-to-understand animations to market their developing portfolio online. We also created abstract representations of the radio waves used in their wireless products for use on the website, helping build a dynamic suite of brand assets that brought the company to life.



Festival Safe

For most, the offline experience of a music festival starts in a distinctly online space. Working in partnership with the Royal Society For Public Health and Global, the second-biggest festival company in the UK, we were asked to bridge that divide, designing and developing an educational website for festival-goers how to handle festivals.

We created an easily updatable online platform that provided advice, guidance and friendly warnings about what to expect. The end result is an educational online space that helps people move seamlessly from online websites to offline campsites.


Motion, Design, Web



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