Working with clients across arts, culture and technology. We create digital solutions to human problems.

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We deliver projects across design, digital and motion — the sweet spot being where all three intersect.

Based in Manchester and working internationally, we partner with a broad range of clients large and small across our core sectors of arts, culture and technology, and no matter the size we have the same approach. We work to deliver something that reflects your core values, something you feel connected to, and above all — something you feel proud of.

We're a tight-knit team of creative thinkers and doers — small, nimble and proud of it.

We are multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted, and together we combine deep and broad expertise across our core disciplines of design, digital and motion.

We're a team that's passionate about producing amazing creative work with a conscience. When it comes to our work, accessibility and social values are just as important to us as the look and feel, which is one of the many reasons we are on the journey to becoming a BCorp.

Mat and Valentina working at desks in the studio.
Alex and Jarod working at desks in the studio.
The team in discussion around a table, in a room with hanging plants, a bold print and TV showing a colourful illustration.
Detail shot of the studio, showing bold prints, plants, an old fireplace and coats hung on the wall.
The team laughing on sofas in the studio.

We work with you every step of the way to make sure your project delivers on your goals.

  • Understand

    It’s here we help to unearth and expose the problems you are looking to solve. A process of uncovering helps us strategically set targets and ambitions for projects.

  • Ideate

    Seeing a problem is one thing — understanding it is another. We aim to break apart the problems you are facing, interpreting and crafting them into a precise brief.

  • Define

    It's then time to start designing solutions, using empathetic models and always looking to the research phases of a project to ensure we're aiming in the right direction.

  • Iterate

    The beauty of digital is that it always offers a chance of improvement. We partner with you going forward to support the project post launch, iterating to achieve new requirements or improving on early ideas.